AC Hotels

Corporate signage, Interior signage, Signage
11 May. 2018, Barcelona, España

AC Hotels

Barcelona. Spain

Luxury PLV for a luxury hotel chain

AC Hotels chain bets from the beginning for having a great design. Its promoter Antonio Catalán had an excellent reputation after the creation, management, and sale of the NH Hoteles chain. Today AC has become AC by Marriot and has 91 hotels with an impressive international projection.

Its corporate identity is very well designed, and its expansion and implementation have been carried out very rigorously.

AC gives to the signage of its hotels a great importance as a complement of its corporate image and understanding that the functionality of the signage is essential in the location of unknown destinations.

Exhibitors, informative totems, brochure holders, desktop information, etc ... all these items complement, with the same idea and design, the other group of elements of the hotel signage.

Signes had the confidence of AC to design the exhibitors for brochures, catalogs, and magazines for the receptions of their hotels. A support totem of this advertising material was designed, according to the interior design of the reception areas, with the aim of making it unnoticed, without shrillness, but at the same time allowing customers to be well informed.

A piece of painted aluminum was developed, with compliments of the same material with matt and shiny polished finish that fits and complement the corporate image of our client.

In the end, signage and its complements must be visible only when they are needed.

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