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Premio Signes 40th anniversary

With the ground of our 40th anniversary, we wanted to reissue the Signes Award for Design Students.

The Signes Awards for design students were born in 1995 on the initiative of Signes, aimed to all students enrolled in the final year of design schools in Spain. The juries of those ten editions were of extraordinary quality, unusual for a call born from a medium-sized company: Alan Fletcher, Oscar Tusquets, Ron Arad, Mariscal, Oscar Mariné, Jaime Hayon, Erik Spiekermann, Pepe Cruz Novillo, Carlos Rolando, Lluís Morillas, Juan Gatti, Daniel Giralt-Miracle, Oliviero Toscani or Fernando Amat among many others, evaluated the quality of the works presented.

The Signes Award allowed us to get in touch with the emerging talent of future designers who were being trained at that time. Today, many of them are recognized design professionals.

With the excuse of the 40th anniversary, we wanted to reissue the Signes Award in a special way to reconnect with those who will be the future of this profession and at the same time with a theme that invites us to think about tomorrow: “What will signage be like – or won’t – in 40 years?“.


If the trophy is thought of as the final recognition of a great effort, then it is only fair that it should be a special award in itself. Even more so when it is received by young students about to start their professional careers.

Signes has always sought the best for them, and for the first ten editions of the Signes Award, invited established designers to create these unique trophies. Peret, Antoni Morillas, Pepe Cruz Novillo, Javier Mariscal, Carlos Rolando, Daniel Nebot, Óscar Mariné, Alberto Corazón, Isidro Ferrer and Ettore Sottsass. All of them put the best of their creativity to create unique trophies.

The trophy of this special edition of the Signes Award is a reedition of “El flechazo”, designed by the great master of design Alberto Corazón for the 8th edition of the Signes Award “El flechazo”. Alberto left us in 2021 and Signes wanted to pay tribute to his memory.

Trofeo Premio Signes


Once again this year, the jury of the Signes Awards is of luxury. In this 10th edition, the works have been judged by:

Mario Eskenazi  ·  Graphic Designer

Malika Favre  ·  Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Rupert Goddard  ·  Director of Graphic Design and Associate of Foster & Partners

Marisa Gallén  ·  Graphic Designer

Javi Royo  ·  Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Benedetta Tagliabue  ·  Architect


1st Prize

Author: Oumou Barry

School: ESDAPC Catalunya (Escola Superior de Disseny i d’Arts Plàstiques de Catalunya). Barcelona

Receives 4040€, the gold trophy, a diploma and a certificate for the school.

Title: IRIS

Intelligent contact lens orientation and tracking system.

For its analysis and vision in integrating elements such as personalization of wayfinding projects in the future.

For his bold bet in the description of the disappearance of static physical elements and the integration of technology in interfaces that make the human body itself a technological body in the future.

For his courage in betting on tools that are already beginning to be investigated and that will surely be present in our daily lives.

2nd Prize

Authors: Nuria Berruezo and Gabriela Marante

School: ESNE – UDIT. University of Design and Technology. Madrid

Receives the silver trophy and a diploma.


Signaling system made up of interactive artificial intelligence elements and a network of lines integrated into the floor, which facilitates the transit of people inside airports and optimizes traffic flow.

3rd Prize

Author: Oriol O’Callaghan Alós

School: Universitat de Barcelona

He receives the bronze trophy and a diploma.

Title: GAIA

Signage system that uses ecological, recycled and biological materials, and incorporates holograms for secondary information.


The Signes 40 Years Award ceremony took place on February 22nd at the Luz de Gas hall in Barcelona. At the event, presented by Òscar Dalmau, Alberto Corazón’s wife, Ana Arambarri, and Manel García, CEO of Signes, presented the trophies and diplomas to the winners. Signes’ 40th anniversary party was also held.

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