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Signes has a long tradition of high quality as specialists in corporate identity production and implementation, as well as in needs studies for space signage.

Signes was created in 1982 in Barcelona, where our headquarters are based, and we have also had a commercial office in Madrid since 1991.

Our challenge is to maintain the highest professional level – our greatest asset is our team of people – and to continue collaborating with the main national and international graphic design and architecture companies. At Signes we are able to cater for our customers' requirements, with a rapid response to their needs. We rigorously and respectfully comply with the graphic and industrial standards, integrating them within the architecture and paying maximum attention to the materials and finishes, applying environmental criteria and always maintaining high quality.

Our philosophy can be summed up as follows:

• We put our faith in our associates, good design and quality.

• We wish to obtain results that fully satisfy our customers, enabling them to communicate with their environment and facilitating their market growth.

• The work we have carried out and the recognition received from our customers are decisive factors for maintaining our line of action.

• We consider the customer's problem to be our problem.

• Our objective is clear: signage should contribute to differentiation, but without confusing the user.


SIGNES' Policy

SIGNES is backed by a tradition of high quality as specialists in the Implementation of Corporate Identity and Signage, and capacity for rapid response to customer requirements.

SIGNES' strategy is based on the following factors:

• Establishing annually quantifiable goals and objectives in the quality and environmental fields, and monitoring our progress in attaining them.

• Encouraging continuous process improvement with the aim of preventing pollution, reducing environmental impact and increasing customer satisfaction, always complying with the legislation in force and with any other requirements the organisation may endorse.

• Motivating and encouraging the qualification of all our employees and their involvement in and endeavour towards continuous improvement with the aim of offering added value, providing all the training and awareness-raising required.

• The basis for this is the application of an integrated Quality and Environmental Management System, based on the international standards UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004.

• Since it was founded, SIGNES has assumed its image as a strategy going above and beyond the sphere of graphics, visual communication and advertising, spanning practically all areas of business activity.

• This policy will enable the company to maintain a sufficient level of business to generate resources assuring its competitiveness on future markets.

• Our policy and objectives have been documented and communicated to all our employees, and are available for public consultation on request.




2010: ED Awards
(European Design Awards) to Andreu Balius, for DSignes Tipography, designed for Signes.

2009: Letra Award
(National Awards of visual communication and enviromental graphic design) in Miscellany category to Andreu Balius for DSignes Tipography, designed for Signes.

2008: Laus Selection
to the book "25.000 km de Signes" in Complet Book and Best Use of Illustration categories.

2007: Book design Visual Award
to the book "25.000 km de Signes" in Institutional / Company category and Diploma in Book Design category.

2006: The National Design Award
for "a company which, as a result of its faith in design, is a leader in public space signage. Its policy of incorporating high added value to its products enables it to work on major projects and embark on international markets. Through the Signes Foundation it constantly undertakes education and support projects for young people".

2006: The FAD
Medal (for Promotion of the Arts and Design) to Lluís Morón and Carmen Revilla for their work carried out within the Signes Foundation.

2004: Prince Philip Award for Business Excellence in the Design category
"for their significant creative contribution and the quality of the products and services offered throughout their long-standing and unusual career; because they have turned their company into a fundamental tool for the efficient evolution of graphic design on the market, and for their bold, constant and generous support of the new generations of designers".

2004: The Letra Special Award, for Signes' career

2003: Special mention in the 8th Prince Felipe Award for Business Excellence in the design category
"for the unique, exemplary nature of their business orientation, emphasising the conceptual value of design in environment signage, which is a field with a very high social impact, linking graphic and industrial design with architecture and interior design, and for their effective, generous and intelligent backing of young designers".

2003: The Barcelona City Council J Award, "Joves en Positiu"
(Young People in Positive), for artistic creation, for the development of the Signes Awards, "in recognition of Signes' contribution to promoting artistic creation by young people"..

2003: Letra Award for the best directory system, for the signage at INFECAR (the Canary Islands Trade Fair Institution).

2003: Runner-up for the IDQ (Image, Design and Quality) Award of the Official Association of Interior Designers and Decorators of Catalonia, in the Research category.

1996: Laus Nomination for Signes' New Corporate Identity (Design: Morillas Brand Design)

1995: Laus Nomination for the image of the Signes Award for Design Students (Design: Lluís Morillas)

1993: Laus Generalitat Trophy for small and medium enterprises
"for approaching design as a strategy going above and beyond the sphere of graphics, visual communication and advertising, spanning practically all areas of business activity".

1992: Laus Bronze Trophy for a Corporate Catalogue (Design: Morillas Brand Design)



Management System

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 14001:2004
ID 9105079903



Av. del Carrilet, 247
Tel. +34 932 061 000


Velázquez, 50
28001 - MADRID
Tel. +34 913 505 364



Since the establishment of our company in 1982, it has been a priority to establish a policy of service and quality, betting on the creation of a solid team and proven expertise in the sector; featured a group of technicians from different disciplines, which allows us to meet any project, ensuring perfect implementation.

Lluís Morón

Manel García
General Manager

Carmen Revilla
Image and Communication

Mayte Iglesias
Financial Management

David Martín
Project Manager

Estefania Gàllego
Production Manager

Óscar Guitián
Responsible for Facilities


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