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FSS Footprint: functionality and promptness

FSS Footprint is a free-standing signage system that is designed mainly to display temporary information, but can also be used for permanent information in places where it is not possible to place it on the wall. The most common applications are for cases in which informational signs and materials are to be displayed that pertain to events in financial institutions, hotels, museums, art galleries, offices, conference halls and shopping centers, etc.

It provides a simple solution. The image remains clear and free of surrounding obstructions. This stand has a formal and yet elegant design that solves the problem of communicating temporary messages through signage in spaces with limited or no wall space.

FSS Footprint is extremely stable and easy to transport. The base is formed by two identical pieces of aluminum extrusion, joined by a small hinge. They are lightweight yet both rigid and tough.

The standard base width is 450 mm. It is made from matt, anodised aluminium with a silver finish. Other colours and base widths up to 1.000 mm can be made to order.

The information can be mounted on panels of different types and sizes. On the standard model, information can be displayed in formats up to A2.

Hinge. The anodised extrusion hinge section allows the wide, aerodynamic aluminium base to pivot whilst holding the vertical panels. A polyethylene strip provides cushioning between contacting aluminium parts.

Retaining screw. Beneath the base is an adjustable central screw that allows the panel to be held in place. A small rubber liner prevents the base from leaving a mark on the panel and cushions the closing action.

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